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minä perhonen piece, Kyoto

4F, 251–2 Ichinomachi, Shijo–sagaru Kawaramachi–dori, Shimogyo–ku, Kyoto
600–8018 Japan

Tel 075 353 8937

Open Weekday11:00–19:00 Weekend and holiday10:00–18:00 Closed on Thursdays

photograph: Makoto Ito

piece, Kyoto is a place where pieces of fabrics from different seasons would meet under bright light, smile painted on the entrance would greet customers. Introducing products using our remnants, the shop also carries find vessels, blankets and cushions. You may even hear sounds of sewing machine recycling pieces of fabrics at the workshop. There is another playroom at the petit (babies’ and kids’ wear) corner on the floor where we would like to share our view with you and your children.