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Notice for holding of OLAibi "The Unheard Horse" at galleria from August 19

photograph : Hiroko Matsubara
OLAibi, a musician who has lived in the forest, observed the forest over the years, and recorded sounds, will hold "The Unheard Horse" at minä perhonen galleria from August 19 (Fri.) to 28 (Sun.) as a new development of the sound and photo exhibition "The Unheard Horse" by OLAibi, which was released in 2021. The exhibition will be held at minä perhonen galleria from August 19 (Fri.) to 28 (Sun.).

The theme derived for this exhibition is "wonder land", and sounds with newly collected white noise will be constructed. A sound installation that weaves together darkness, light, and three-dimensional sound will pour into the photographic space created by Hiroko Matsubara.

Please enjoy the sound and installation by OLAibi at galleria, which will be a different space from usual.


About "The Unheard Horse"
OLAibi has long been attracted to the image of a person who has spent time in mud. OLAibi wears mud on her body, and Milo Machiko draws patterns on her body. Photographer Hiroko Matsubara captured these images.
In 2021, the sound and photo book "Hearing No Horse" was published.


In addition to the sale of the sound and photo book "The Unheard Horse"," a limited number of fragrances (oils and mists) inspired by OLAibi's forests and spices mixed by Takeshi Azuma of Yamashokuon, who is also involved in sound design for this exhibition, with OLAibi's sounds added to the spices, will also be available. sound, which is mixed by Takeshi Azuma of "Yama Shokubu Oto" who is also involved in sound design for this exhibition.

The mud OLAibi wears in the photographs is made by Kanai Kougei of Amami-Oshima. In conjunction with this exhibition, minä perhonen bags dyed with mud by Kanai Kougei will also be on sale.


minä perhonen - "wonder land"

Our bodies are children of a single event that took place in outer space, the remnants of a large star. It is a part of the whole forest of various creatures that existed once upon a time.
We humans, instead of being nothing, can become anything we want. This is a story of wandering in the forest of such a mysterious star.

When I die, I will be buried in this forest that I have spent so much time with.
To do so, I will live my life as pure a human being as possible.

My left ear cannot hear anything.
The other ear sometimes sounds like water, and sometimes like a gurgling sound. I wonder what noise is to me, as I can only perceive sound in one ear.
I have to preserve in my memory the few remaining sounds that I can hear, without spilling a single drop. I want to hear a sound that is a mixture of maximum entropy.
I would like to collect sounds from nature as much as I know.
I want to feel with my own ears what a scale or a chord with the maximum entropy would sound like.
The higher the frequency, the more this ear will be able to feel, even if I can no longer hear both.
That is the contradiction of hope.


The Unheard Horse minä perhonen - "wonder land"

Dates: August 19 (Fri.) - 28 (Sun.), 2022
Pre-opening of the exhibition will be held on Thursday, August 18, 17:00-19:00 with the artist in the gallery.
Hours: Weekdays 11:00-19:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:00-18:00
*Open until 17:00 on August 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun) due to preparations for a live performance.
Venue: minä perhonen galleria
Co-organizers: minä perhonen, "Hearing No Horse" Executive Committee

Dates: August 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun), 2022
Time: Start 19:00-20:00 (open 18:30-)
Venue: minä perhonen galleria
Capacity: 30 people 
Price: ¥4,400 (tax included)
Live tickets will go on sale at the minä perhonen Online Store from 12:00 on August 18 (Thu).
*The tickets will be posted on the Online Store from noon on the day of sale. We anticipate that access to the page will be concentrated, making it difficult to connect to the site.
Please understand that there may be a difference in the time it takes for your order to be reflected on your screen depending on your device and communication environment, and that the number of items available may end during the order process.
Please refrain from shopping for the purpose of resale.

For handling and inquiries, please contact
galleria 075-353-2217