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Release of onomekaman from July 16th

On July 16 (Sat), onomekaman, which imitates the shape of a sloth, will be available at four stores: Kanazawa, piece, Kyoto, koti, and call.

The name reads "sloth" when read upside down. Its charming expression will warm your heart. The long arms and legs have buttons and loops on them, so you can hang it or let it sit by changing the way it is fastened.
The parts of the face, claws on the hands and feet, and small tail are made of leather and sewn by hand one by one, so the expression of each piece is unique, which is also one of the charms of this doll. We hope they will bring a smile to your face during your time at home.


¥27,500(tax included)
beige / navy / light gray

¥27,500(tax included)

"tambourine" × "puddy"
¥27,500(tax included)

Dimensions: length approx. 95cm (from hand to hoot), width approx. 32cm, height 34cm (when standing)
*Measurements of the longest parts

*Purchase limit: Each customer will be limited to 1 piece of either item.
*Customers who line up earlier than the opening time will receive a numbered ticket from an hour before the opening time.
*Customers will be serviced according to the ticket number.
*Kindly line up according to your arrival time. Please refrain from joining others by cutting in line.
*Kindly note that the impression of textile patterns is unique.
*Mail-order business: From May 31 (Tues.), products that are not sold out will be available at 3 locations: the Kanazawa Store, piece, Kyoto, and koti.

Available locations and inquiries:
Kanazawa Store 076-223-3722
piece, Kyoto 075-353-8937
koti 0466-31-0737
call 03-6825-3733