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Notice for publication Oishi Keshiki to be released on April 15

Oishi Keshiki Akiko Sakata Akira Minagawa, a collection of the serialization in the magazine SWITCH, will be released by SWITCH PUBLISHING on April 15 (Fri.).

The book features Western-style dishes such as hamburgers, macaroni gratin, and Napolitan(Japanese spaghetti dish made with ketchup), all of which are prepared by cook specialist Akiko Sakata and are nostalgic and loved by everyone. Minagawa selects dishes from his personal collection to match the food, creating a unique dish.

The photographs of Oishi Keshiki born from their creation that are perfectly in sync, can be enjoyed together with memories and episodes related to the dishes and tableware by the two. The publication also includes recipes for all 20 dishes, which will not only help you enjoy the dishes, but will also inspire you to choose different tableware from usual and weave a new scenery. We invite you to enjoy reading this book at the beginning of the season.

Oishi Keshiki Akiko Sakata Akira Minagawa
Release date: April 15 (Fri.) 2022/ Available at minä perhonen directly-managed stores from April 16 (Sat.)
¥2,200 (tax included)

In addition, an online talk event by Akiko Sakata and Minagawa is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26.
Visit SWITCH PUBLISHING’s website for details.