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Recall of WS1896 peony blouse

We would like to inform that we found a deficiency in our product and would like to recall the items as below.

Product No.: WS1896 “peony” blouse (color: white / gray / pink / navy)

We confirmed that some of the WS1896 blouse have a problem with their fabric.
During the process of pleating, thin linen thread got the possibility of getting weakened and the fabric might get easy to break.

We deeply apologize to our customers for not being able to find out before it is delivered.
We are examining the cause and will find the way not to repeat the deficiency in the future.

Please contact our information desk below for recall.

minä perhonen information desk:
e-mail: info@mina-perhonen.jp

Again, we deeply apologize for what happened and ensure thorough attention to our quality.
We hope to have your understanding.


minä perhonen all staffs