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Foresta di Gemma, at Milan Design Week 2018

Imaginative patterns of nature and creatures, plump embroidery laces,
delicate coloured prints...minä perhonen textiles are made with layers of craftsmanship.

Our latest cushions collection “Foresta di Gemma” shows the energy that lays beneath our creation.

Elegance and humor, profound but with playful mind, all those contraries are put together as in a forest of gems, and bring emotional uplift for everyone who sets foot in.

Explore the world of Foresta, full of gems' fruits.

Reception: Apr. 18th 18PM-22PM
everyone is welcome!

“Foresta di Gemma”
Apr. 17th-22nd

Venue_Spazio Pellini
via Morigi 9, 20123 Milan, Italy

tel_+39 02 72010213

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