At 10cm, the shop in Matsumoto, Nagano, the items made of
surplus fabrics at minä perhonen piece,
and collaboration items with wooden artist Mr. Ryuji Mitani
will be introduced.

Date: from Thursday, April 12th to Wednesday, April 18th
At: 10cm
  2-4-37 Oote Masumoto-shi, Nagano

The wooden tableware and by Mr. Mitani giving the warmth in every use,
black and white lacquer cups and the tray made by Mr.Mitani and
minä perhonen’s chief designer Akira Minagawa -
all included in the picnic set enclosed in the minä perhonen bag will be available.

During the exhibition period, there will be a workshop and the unique shaped fabric born
through the process of minä perhonen’s garment making will be used for creating very new shapes.

Date: Sunday, April 15th 13:00〜16:00
At: persona studio
To apply, please check the website of 10cm.

As a series, there will be following exhibitions coming up
after this at Momogusa in Tajimi, Gifu and Shoka: in Okinawa-city, Okina.

minä perhonen + Momogusa ‘Tsukuri no Kaisei Ⅱ‘
Date: from Saturday, April 21st to Sunday, May 6th
At: gallery Momogusa

Date: from Friday, May 11th to Sunday, May 20th
At: Shoka:

There will be seals designed by Mr. Mitani for 10cm,
the ceramist Mr. Masanobu Ando for gallery Momogusa,
and Akira Minagawa for Shoka: that you can stamp them
at each destination as a souvenir.
We hope that you can stop by and enjoy these exhibitions
uring your lovely trips of spring to early summer.