With the coming of spring, the new wooden trays produced in Sweden
will be released to bring the table brightness.

The new patterns 'skip' brings you fresh spring breeze from the field
and 'sonata' reminds us of a carpet of flower, also 'bird', 'travel' and 'Tama'
are newly joined to the lineup.

These trays will be available at piece,Tokyo and piece,Kyoto for this time,
and will also be released at metsä from March 13th.

All the patterns below comes in two sizes;

large 28 x 36cm \6,200 + tax
small 20 x 27cm \3,500 + tax-

- sonata
- bird
- polka
- travel
- happy camouflage
- Tama
- skip
- choucho
- oasis

We look forward to welcoming you at the stores.