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"flower" 1996ss

"flower" 1996ss

This design is the beginning of minä. While I was not sure about what kind of design journey I was going to take, I took the first step.

I decided to use the traditional look of kasuri weaving and express the fluctuation of the motifs by drawing a blurred outline as a design. I had never studied painting in school. Therefore, I had no idea if I was good at drawing or not.

I think that realizing this feeling has supported my progress since then. The fact that I do not have any external evaluations that tell me I am good at something or that something is my speciality, is what gives me the freedom of mind which I have today.

Twenty-six years have passed since then, and my daily quest has never stopped. The anticipation of the beginning in the design of "flower" still burns quietly in my heart like an open fire.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono