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"Lili" 2009-10aw

"Lili" 2009-10aw

In this design, the outline of flower is expressed by multiple layers of embroidery, like relief of a tile. The charm of embroidery is fine shading created by threads. I feel like seeing a delicate shimmer with various directions and shades that are different from crossed threads of the fabric which will be the base.

In this design, the part of flower is the surface of the fabric, therefore, the flower will have a variety of expressions depending on the base fabric. This design is also made with jacquard weaving. Appearance of the pattern and characteristics of the material varies from difference of the techniques used.

Thinking of the materials, techniques, and colors used to create it when I think of a picture, and the variety of sceneries I see depending on each process, is one of the best parts of my design journey.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono