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"ridge" 2008-09aw

"ridge" 2008-09aw

I draw herringbone patterns a lot. I think it's because I like the rhythm of it. Maybe also because the zig-zag edges on a plane surface give a feeling of dimensionality and sound, and we feel life from the textiles.

The design "ridge" has an impression of a light and refreshing breeze passing through the mountainsides. Lines are an amazing thing. Each line is different, but they are very honest and show how I was feeling at the time.

It's interesting to me how the lines change by small affection depending on what kind of scenery I'm imagining or whether I'm feeling calm or elated. Herringbone, the pattern I like, is also influenced by these feelings and I like to draw various expressions in it.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono