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"bobbin" 2014ss

"bobbin" 2014ss

With this design, I tried to cut out the scenery of everyday life and express familiar objects in the world of design.

Everyday scenery which tends to catch our eyes and our minds become less and less engaged. But when we observe its shapes, roles and appearances, we find that they are endearing and nostalgic. I was inspired to use the sound of bobbins, an indispensable tool in our work, and a very familiar presence in our lives, as a motif for textiles.

To find the possibilities, design doesn't have to go far away and it doesn't have to be a special experience. Also, we don't have to search for something we haven't seen yet. It can be found from the things right next to us. There are a lot of design opportunities from the right next door to the edge of the universe. How we encounter these ideas and elements, will be the beginning of the birth of design.

I want to keep my mind open to encounter the elements of design, which float like particles in the small, familiar things of daily life, the first things I meet when traveling, the imaginary world of my dreams, and everything inside them.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono