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"fogland" 2007-08a/w

"fogland" 2007-08a/w

This pattern has now become one of our representative patterns and has been used in the design of tableware and rugs. I remember clearly how I felt when I was working on this pattern. I began to improvise and vaguely draw a quiet scene of the forest in a single stroke, looking out the window at the trees of Institure for nature study.

Rather than focusing on what kind of drawing I was going to make, I tried to draw the forest as a natural ecosystem, as if the forest supports each other’s life, not to be too conscious of the composition. I felt as if I was in the comfort of being in a forest.

In the original drawing, there was a girl. I now believe that this was myself at the time. In the end, I stopped including the girl in the pattern, because it would end up with several girls in one outfit due to the repeat of the pattern. Birds are perched in several places on the branches.

The forest is foggy and there is only silence and an atmosphere. We don’t often get to experience the fantastic scenery of a foggy forest on a daily life. I would be happy if this textile would give that atmosphere, walking through this imaginary forest.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono・Shinichi Yamasaki