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"merry-go-round" 2019-20aw

"merry-go-round" 2019-20aw

It may come from the fact that I was born in the year of the Ox, I feel horses are a very important part of my life and they are always by my side. Sometimes they're powerful, sometimes intelligent, sometimes classy. When I see horses at various times, I felt it has an inspiring presence. I was wondering which pattern would bring happiness to the bottom of a piece of clothing, and I have been wanting to try a horse motif for some time, so I came up with an idea of a merry-go-round right away.

My daughter was born and we had an opportunity to go to an amusement park. The first ride for her was a merry-go-round! I took my camera and captured the happy moment in one hand, and my video camera in the other. When we went on the rides together afterwards, the moment we started to move with the enjoying music, the scenery around us turned into fluffy colors like cotton candy, the sensation of sparkling confetti falling around us, and the feeling of being able to express this happy feeling, which cannot help but smiling throughout the ride.

The music stops and the atmosphere is filled with a sense of melancholy as everyone gets out of the vehicle, which stops slowly. It is an moment of feeling humanity and it is interesting.

text by Keiko Tanaka

photo by sono