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"rain grass" 2017s/s

"rain grass" 2017s/s

This design depicts raindrops on a meadow after a rainstorm. I wanted to create an abstract expression of grass blowing in the wind with a series of embroidery grains. I imagined that the wind would be reflected in my clothes as if it were blowing.

I feel that a modest scenery will stay in the memories forever like the original landscape. When I was small, I loved to look at the grain of the wood on the ceiling of my house and the glittering lamé on the sand walls of my house. I would stare at the ceiling and walls in a daze, imagining that they look like some kind of creature, a face, or something like that, which would have seemed odd to my family.

It's interesting that kind of habit now comes outward in the form of design. I'd be happy if this design could be a casual view of nostalgia, like an after-image of someone's memory.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono