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"metsä" 2012ss

"metsä" 2012ss

This pattern is a scenery of a Finnish forest. But rather than seeing it in person, it's an image that remains in my memory after many years of travel. I like the soft silhouette of a fir tree in Finland. The slightly upward tilt of the branches indicates that the tree is willing to bear the weight of the snow in winter.

The forest, an entity that contains all sorts of life, gives the feeling of coexistence of relief and anxiety. There is no end to the imaginative sceneries and stories that can be given from a world where they coexist while giving each other life. The forest may be close to the imaginary, chaotic world I have in my head.

The sensation of entering the scenery while drawing may be similar to the feeling of a bird wandering in the forest watching itself from the sky.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono