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"mountain roof" 2016-17aw

"mountain roof" 2016-17aw

I drew this pattern to create an embroidered pattern with a slightly folklore impression of a herringbone pattern. I used thicker thread to create a hand-stitched look, and I imagined the clothes of people living in an idyllic landscape. I named it “mountain roof” because I like to look out the window to see the view of the mountains when I fly to Europe.

It is interesting to imagine how people live in such a scenery and how their lives are like. In this globalized society, I want to preserve the culture and customs of each country, but share what we can exchange each other.

Respecting the designs and lifestyles that come from our own lives will give us a chance to know each other. I hope that this design will slow down our lives and lead us to a quieter moment.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono