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"pacific" 2002-03a/w

"pacific" 2002-03a/w

When I finished drawing this pattern, I felt something like the difference between drawing and design inside myself. I remember how happy I was when the idea of drawing waves and shapes of fish superimposed on each other, popped into my head.

Since I didn't have opportunity to learn about textiles and graphic design in schools, I did not master design in a technical or systematic way. Therefore, it was the only way for me to overlap my own experiences with design to deepen my interest.

Now I think it was a great starting point for my subsequent designs, that I was able to work within the technical limitations of embroidery to create an expansive scenery of "pacific". A wavering diamond-shaped wave and the fishes swimming in the pattern. When I look back on my early designs, I realize that there were inquisitive eyes for innocent design.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono