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"sakuranbo" 2001-02a/w

"sakuranbo" 2001-02a/w

This pattern is based on a dotted pattern of cherries rolling about on a textile. I decided to try to express it in a motif. The image is often drawn as a cherry bob, so I wanted to draw it from a different perspective.

The pigment printing was done by a manufactory called Kimura-senko, located in Shiga. The director of the factory, the late Kimura supported me a lot since the start of the brand. Even though we were only able to order a small quantity at the beginning, the director said to us, "You don't need to order a lot." and supported us in our manufacturing. The relationship became the base of our relationship with manufactories, and we began to support each other to coexist.

My memories of those days of design remind me of the help and relationship I received from so many people. I think it is also important that good manufacturing is not only about good quality and ideas, but also about the relationships with people in the process of making things.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono