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"forest" 1999s/s

"forest" 1999s/s

The pattern was designed in the early days. I have a vivid memory of drawing this pattern and not being able to finish it until the day before of my appointment with the print manufactory. As I realized the meeting on the next day, and this design came to my mind. I made this motif with paper cutouts and pasted it on the drawing paper. When the motif was completed, I realized a strange sense of relief and the feeling that the motif was sleeping inside of me, which I felt the presence of it.

This motif also changed itself a little by little afterwards, and appeared as an element of textiles, which will be created later. I think I'm picking motifs from the forest-like landscape in my mind every time. I feel pleasure, when the door for design to come from the imaginary world to the real world, is in these hands.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono