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"ring flower" 2005-06a/w

"ring flower" 2005-06a/w

In this pattern, a part of pistil is made three-dimensional to express it in rich shading. It is to make adjacent circles connected to each other. The design "forest parade" is a typical method of three-dimensional embroidery, but I was not able to embroider it extensively. "ring flower" was born out of trial and error from the combination of expression taken good point from the patterns of both "tambourine" and "forest parade".

Various expressions and techniques of design will be seeds of new hints and ideas for future designs. It is a pleasure to continue manufacture, to encounter new insights when new design is born.

"ring flower" seems to have genes of the two most popular designs of minä perhonen. I still don't know the answer to what ideas will this design meet with and become a new design. And that equals to expectation to myself, what I'm looking forward to.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono