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"roof" 2001-02a/w

"roof" 2001-02a/w

There are various conditions on textile techniques. Jacquard weaving, in which a motif is expressed by the cross of warp and weft yarns, has various limitations to the length of the pattern in the horizontal direction, depending on the weaving machine. Designing with those limitations in mind is not an uncomfortable thing. On the contrary, it seems to be a sign of route to the design.

The design "roof" combines a series of large and small herringbones in an oval shape within the constraints of the frame, so that we can feel the depth in textile. The twill of the plain part is also thought to have an expression of shade by matching the slope of the herringbone.

When I design, I have to come to terms with the relationship between what I want to express and its constraints and keep the freedom. I try to image the individuality of the pattern. It's a way of seeing the restrictions in our daily life as the reality of "today which lies here", and realize it as the actual individuality. I think it's similar to the daily activities we try to turn into joy with our own consciousness.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by Mie Morimoto