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"curl" 2020s/s

"curl" 2020s/s

This season's theme was “texture of nature”, so I wanted to design not only nature as a natural object, but also invisible phenomena and expressions.

“curl” depicts how paper falling in a circle, spinning irregularly. It was because I thought the expression of nature was a combination of three things: paper itself, the expression of curling, and the state of falling. I imagined the reflection of the paper as it danced boldly in the clothes, corresponding the movement of the textile.

It is a printed textile, but there is a thin border on the color and outline of the front and back of the paper. This is a real pain for the print factories, as they have to print the fine lines without spilling over into either of the two colors.

Sometimes we choose to create works avoiding risks, but we believe that the occasional request for such a difficult work will make the factories to pass on their skills. Our ideas do not result to good quality without the skill and passion of the artisan. I believe that it is important for us to work together as one to improve each work and trust each other when designing.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono