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"random check" 1998s/s

"random check" 1998s/s

This pattern is also 22 years old. Printed with flocky prints which was made by adhering rayon fibers to the fabric and printing them with a velvety texture. The expression has a texture like it was drawn with chalk, so I decided to take advantage of that and draw the vigorous lines themselves as a design.

I wondered that if I used textiles to express the momentum and coarseness of lines, textures and phenomena that are different from the specific motifs, and turned them into clothes, that would lead to a sense of dynamism. When drawing, the important thing is to make a line without hesitation. I draw all at once, feeling like I'm jumping into the drawing paper. I will not describe it as pretty or harmonious, but as an event that happened there. Even out of this, the life vitality is born.

I feel that drawing is like transferring my imaginary sceneries and feelings into this world. To move from yourself to the world outside and still exist as a new life.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono