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"symphony" 2019-20a/w

"symphony" 2019-20a/w

For "symphony", I wanted to draw a picture of how this world is, where creatures, objects, phenomena, and thoughts are all connected and resonate with each other. Rather than a grand theme, I tried to portray that it's totally natural, which is a universal chain of activities.

I placed various motifs and shapes like animals, plants, and crystals in a rhombus, and drew how they are connected to each other. I believe that the living things that are here now also have a connection with the coincidence of being here now in the midst of the billions of years of birth and extinction of the earth. In the midst of this, many things happen and many thoughts and actions are born. I would like to cherish it as if I were warming my hands so that it would continue in each chain of life, without having to speak out loud.

This textile is expressed in both velvet jacquard and embroidered patterns. I'd be happy to make this for any season, not just fall and winter.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono