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"sand flower" 2017s/s

"sand flower" 2017s/s

This picture was born from memories of my childhood when I used to play in a sandbox collecting iron sand. It is a play of collecting the thorny black iron sand which is sticking to the back side of the paper. It occurs when you put a magnet on a piece of paper in the sandbox and slide it over the paper and rub it. Is that kind of play no longer existing? I liked to play in the sandbox, making mud balls, making tunnels, and whatever else I could do with it.

One day, when I was looking at the way the fibers of the velvet jacquard appeared, it connected with my memory of collecting iron sand. I superimposed the expression of the iron sand being magnetically absorbed and the small petals opening up heading the sky.

In this way, the scenery of my design is created by connecting memory and imagination. It's interesting to see how two completely different things, iron sand and flowers, are connected naturally in the imagination. And as one of other places to live, I believe that people have a “space to think” in the form of imagination. The space is infinitely wide and free, and I feel like I'm traveling in it.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono