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"knoll" 2020s/s

"knoll" 2020s/s

For some reason, I like herringbone patterns, and I've been drawing a variety types of the pattern. I even have a wish to paint herringbone as a painting in my old age.

The herringbone pattern was originally created as an expression technique for weaving. The meaning of the name refers to the continuous, bone-like, mountain-shaped pattern of the herring. The pattern usually continues evenly, however, since it is woven, "knoll" is expressed with uneven, wavering and thick lines by embroidery. I tried to make tapes, tearing the paper by hand and sticking it to the drawing paper so that the coincidence turns into an organic expression. The embroidery threads used were thicker than usual, and I layered them many times to create a three-dimensional effect different from that of weaving.

I wanted to create more contrast in texture and make light and shade when pairing with thin textiles. I hope this pattern, which looks like a landscape of mountains, will be applied to curtains and interior design in the future. It will look nice with wool and thicker textiles in the season of fall and winter.

It's a precious time of design to think about various expressions like this, different from the beginning of the season.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono