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"ladder" 2016-17a/w

"ladder" 2016-17a/w

This pattern was drawn as a continuation of the search for a universal pattern which we started from the beginning of the brand. It's not stripes or borders, but it's either. I wanted to make drawing of the words like a riddle. I alternated between stripes and borders, changing the thickness of the lines and slightly the size of spaces.

When it finished, there was nothing magical about it, and it had a fresh and quiet appearance, like stripes and borders. As an outfit, I felt more movement in textiles, and each line felt more alive.

My drawings often start from the wonder or contradiction of words. I think it is a journey where there is only a destination, and we don't know where we’re going to end up. The new scenery that I finally reach while the anxiety is soothed by my curiosity and inquisitiveness, is also the moment when I encounter a new landing point that I never knew.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono