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"kanata" 2020s/s

"kanata" 2020s/s

Migratory birds fly in a flock in the wide sky. The figure which flaps its wings in the infinite distance to the next place of life as a community, carrying something each one is fated, I feel there is innocent strength without any doubt or hesitation. I have drawn migratory birds several times as the subject matter of a painting. It is true that there are many motifs of birds, but I believe that this migratory bird does not depict a "bird" but a "migratory bird".

Maybe I’m so much attracted to the kind of life program of migratory birds. It is probably because it overlaps with the feeling of going on a journey that does not finish with my lifetime. This is a feeling which I felt when I started minä perhonen.

It reflects to my belief that although one's own life is very small and short, the encouragement and empathy of many people become a kind of "will" that transcends the length of life.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono