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"cidre" 2020s/s

"cidre" 2020s/s

Cidre was originally drawn as a picture of a fruit on a tree. Painting the background with coloring materials, remaining the silhouette of the tree unpainted to express the dots of fruit inside.

In many prints, the background and motifs are often painted in different colors to be expressed by the contrast. But this was an attempt to design a pattern in one color, using the same color for the background and fruit, and leaving the part of wood unpainted.
I drew it with hope that a simple and lively design would lead to a soothing and enjoying feeling.

When I opened the finished fabric from the factory, by coincidence, the pattern looked upside down from my side. "Oh, It's like dots coming in to a jar." I wanted to make the most of that image, so I decided to use the design upside down and named it "cidre". I started to draw fruit which was becoming a tree, but it turned out to be fruit filled into a bottle. It shows that there are designs which will be accomplished sometime after finishing drawing.

text by Akira Minagawa

photo by sono / Aoi Nagae