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“perhonen” skirt

Request from customer

-Request to revert the waist size that had been adjusted previously.

-Stain removal on the hem.


This “perhonen” skirt had been with the customer for 18 years since her first purchase.
At the time of purchase, the waist size was adjusted upon the customer’s request to wear it at a higher position. It seems that her styling image had gradually changed over the past 20 years the skirt spent with the customer. This time, we received a new request to expand the waist line so that it could be worn at the hips comfortably.

When we altered the skirt this time, we added an elastic band at the back of the waist to give the garment more room. The embroidery stitches that were once undone by adding an elastic band were re-created by hand embroidery. The stain that faintly appeared on the hem has also been dyed to match the surrounding fabric.
The skirt was left in our hands by the customer with her words saying, “Just having minä clothes in my closet makes me happy.”
Now that the alterations have been completed, we work on the next new pieces that arrive daily, while thinking about the skirt that waits for its turn for the customer to be worn.


photograph: Hua Wang

Repair year: 2021
Repair cost: 9,020JPY (tax included, without shipping fee)

*Please note that the price may vary depending on the condition of the product and the request from the customer,as we will suggest the repair method and the fabric or material used for each case.

For any repair inquiries, please contact our information desk or your nearest minä perhonen store.