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“largo” coat

Request from customer

-Request to repair the extensive damage to the fabric around the cuffs, elbows, buttonholes, and left waist.


2011-12a/w "largo" coat.
This coat is tailored using cashmere velvet, a soft textile that makes one feel wrapped in calmness when worn.
When winter comes, the smiling face of our customer who wears this coat can be imagined.
After about 10 years, the fabric has become worn out around the cuffs, elbows, buttonholes, and the left waist where a bag must have continually rubbed against it.

Both sleeves that had been extensively worn out were remade with new fabric.
The buttonholes were embroidered with raised embroidery and a small flower motif.
A small pocket was added to the worn-out area at the waist.
The new pocket added through alterations must be creating new movements in the wearer's daily life.
We hope this coat will be worn again this winter and allow the wearer to spend a joyful time with a smile even in the cold weather.


photograph: Hua Wang

Repair year: 2021
Repair cost: ¥17,900 (tax included, without shipping fee)

*Please note that the price may vary depending on the condition of the product and the request from the customer, as we will suggest the repair method and the fabric or material used for each case.

For any repair inquiries, please contact our information desk or your nearest minä perhonen store.