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“sunny spots” coat

Request from customer

-The fabric is damaged and frayed over a wide area.

-The underarm area was ripped.


2006-07a/w "sunny spots".
The customer cherishes this coat so much that she has been wearing it every year, for about 15 years, as the seasons change.
The silk fabric thinned in some places over the time spent with the owner, and we previously added embroidery to match the sunny spots pattern and partially replaced the fabric. This time, the back of the coat was fraying extensively, and the seam between the underarm area and sleeves were torn.
In order for the customer to continue wearing the coat, we had to replace all the fabric in the back, but since the customer had a strong desire to continue wearing it for the rest of her life, even if it ends up being costly, we replaced the fabrics on the back and both sleeves. The front and the collar, which were in a beautiful condition, were left as they were, so that the precious time spent with the customer could be preserved.

It is not so simple to continue wearing one’s favorite garment for 15 years.
Nonetheless, she has been wearing the garment, and we felt her unwavering will to continue wearing it in the future during correspondence.
Along with gratitude for our customer coming across this coat, we repaired it with delight, anticipating that she will be wearing it in an autumn scenery this year.


photograph: Hua Wang

Repair year: 2021
Repair cost: 63,604 JPY (tax included, without shipping fee)

*Please note that the price may vary depending on the condition of the product and the request from the customer, as we will suggest the repair method and the fabric or material used for each case.

For any repair inquiries, please contact our information desk or your nearest minä perhonen store.