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Yrjö Kukkapuro “Plaano Chair”

Condition before repairment

-Slacking of fabric upholstery and color fade due to aging.

-Flaking of the arms and back coating.

-Deterioration of the cushion.


At minä perhonen elävä, a number of vintage furniture pieces from Nordic countries that were much cherished and are timeless, are being introduced. When furniture pieces are purchased at elävä, upon customer request, repairment, such as replacement of fabric upholstery with minä perhonen fabrics can be done.

This time we introduce you to the “Plaano Chair” designed in 1974 by Finnish designer and architect, Yrjö Kukkapuro. Later when demand for office chairs rose globally, the production base was moved to China, but we managed to stock those that were produced in Finland during relatively earlier times.
Although more than 40 years have passed, the chair is in a condition that does not hint at the passing of such time. The fabric upholstery and cushion have a slightly degraded impression due to aging. On some chairs, flaking can partially be observed on the painted arms and back.

This time we repaired three pairs amongst those chairs. The seat surface has been replaced with a firm cushion material that supports well. From minä perhonen’s original fabric line-up available at elävä and suitable for interior products, we chose “fogland,” “kaleidoscope,” and “dop,” in which aging can be appreciated. The three pairs were each replaced with the forementioned fabrics.
In addition, the coating on the arm and the back part have been peeled off and brought back to a plain wood condition. They feel great to the touch. Since each chair has a different grain, they have transformed into a more familiar look.


photograph: Hua Wang

Repair year: 2021
Repair cost: “fogland” 104,500 JPY, “kaleidoscope” 104,500 JPY, “dop” plain 90,200 JPY
(Planno chair 77,000 JPY, cost for alteration between 13,200 JPY - 27,500 JPY.)

*Please note that the price may vary depending on the condition of the product and the request from the customer,as we will suggest the repair method and the fabric or material used for each case.

These Planno Chairs are available at minä perhonen elävä Ⅱ.
If interested, please inquire within, as there is one pair available for each fabric.
In addition, if interested in purchasing several pairs, the fabric upholstery can be newly replaced (limited to cases where the chair itself and desired textile is available in stock).

minä perhonen elävä Ⅱ 03-6825-8037