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“always” denim pants

Request from customer

-The right knee part ripped and requires mending.

-Sewing a patchwork motif on the damaged part would be ideal.


The customer wears these pair of denim pants while working in a winery surrounded by nature. Apparently, these pants are frequently worn at work, as well as off of work.
Looking at the denim pants that arrived to our atelier, it became clear that the customer has been wearing them very preciously that at glance, there were no apparent damages. However, when the right knees area was examined, we understood the fabric had become very thin.
A filler cloth was stitched to fortify the thinned part from inside, so that the pants could be worn again for a long time. The customer had requested a patchwork motif that resembles a pair of remake denim pants: a patchwork motif with a calmer color tone was applied so that it goes well with the garments she wears in daily life.
We were informed that upon delivery, the customer had soon worn the denim pants and headed for work. We would be so delighted if the customer would wear the pants frequently and enjoy seeing more patchwork motifs being added to the worn-out parts.


photograph: Hua Wang

Repair year: 2021
Repair cost: 8,800JPY (tax included, without shipping fee)

*Please note that the price may vary depending on the condition of the product and the request from the customer,as we will suggest the repair method and the fabric or material used for each case.

For any repair inquiries, please contact our information desk or your nearest minä perhonen store.