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風景の色 景色の風 / feel to see


風景の色 景色の風 / feel to see

November 7th−December 1st,2020


In this exhibition, we wish to bring visitors a place to experience the works of minä perhonen as well as to know the stories behind the textiles, which represent our origin for design and creation.

Textiles are a material in clothing and furniture, and they are a part of the design process. Still, textures, colors, and graphics that determine the final design are all concentrated in the textiles; therefore, a significant part of the overall value is expressed there. In this sense, it is not an exaggeration to say that textiles define the final design.

In this exhibition, with live clips and images that represent the world of our textiles, visitors can feel the scenery of space with motifs, the breeze and lights existing there. The world expressed in the textiles becomes a gateway for imagination, and it will create another artistic landscape to experience along with our daily lives. We believe that they are not just colors and shapes that stimulate the eyes, but rather they inspire the human memory and mark another dimension of time and life that is different from the real world.

minä perhonen Akira Minagawa

a part from the installation work “motion”

In this space, minä perhonen's textile designs are freed from their materials to create a story from which various textiles connect with each other. This demonstrates the interconnection of minä perhonen's textile designs even while each textile has its own independent world. The video and sound are created by Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG) currently based in the Netherlands.