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minä perhonen→keisuke kanda “cream soda”

Vanilla ice cream on top of sizzling melon flavor soda and bright colored cherries.

Reminiscing the days when I was looking at the ice cream soda with a yearning eye over a showcase window.

I recall feeling excited by the first taste of sweetness and a spur coming from the aftertaste.

A new exciting playful world was created through this collaboration, by keeping a bold contrast and combining the different elements.

This is a collection that gives butterflies to those who have put away innocent wonders as they have grown older.

*silent movie

Voluminous dress
Fluid frills
Big ribbons

minä perhonen's close attention to details and its rich fabrics combined with Keisuke Kanda’s sweet and punkish creation, have led to an only-one special item.

May it reach to every adult who still carry a heart like an innocent little girl.

photograph: Comuro Nonoka
video: Hua Wang
model: Moeka Shiotsuka(羊文学)
hair and make up: Risako Yamamoto