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The making of minä perhonen wool blanket vol.2

In our past column, “The making of minä perhonen wool blanket vol.1,” we previously introduced the 100% wool blanket. This time, we would like to present how the unique texture of nap raisings are created and report on the finishing process at the factory in Aichi area,Japan.


The jacquard weave with wool yarn and the wool loop yarn that was developed especially for the blanket creates a subtle difference in thickness in the motif parts, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. The front and back sides of the textile repeatedly undergo a nap raising process to achieve a soft and puffy texture.


The surface of the textile is raised by stroking it with a snagging roll with hooks. According to the thickness and the softness of the textile, the nap raising process is repeated, tuning it with a machine.


There were small, well-worn sewing machines here and there in the factory. Each time a textile goes through various steps, it is sewn and unsewn and again on the spot, and the textile is set on each machine. It was fascinating to see sewing machines operate here and there throughout the factory.


During the nap raising process, the textiles are placed in a separate machine and wetted with low-temperature hot water. This process allows the yarn to untangle and to produce an even finish. After that, steam is also applied, and various steps are taken until a unique texture of this blanket is achieved.


For the 2022-23autumn/winter blanket collection, “Tama" and "symphony" will be newly added. We hope that these designs, which seem as if one could hear happy voices of animals chatting, will gently light up the winter landscape.


The blanket holder is made of soft felt with a leather handle. We invite you to enjoy various uses, such as for picnicking and outdoor scenes.

We invite you to experience the touch of our blankets firsthand. Hopefully, you’ll look forward to the arrival of winter every year because of it.

photograph: Hua Wang

Please enjoy the movie clip of the blanket being woven here.

Filmed at marunaka inc. and Fujii Seijyu CO.,LTD
Videographer : Hikaru Fujii

minä perhonen blanket 2022-23autumn / winter

wool 100%

color: (new)mint / (new)light brown / (new)dark green / gray / navy

Size and price:
small approx. 105cm×145cm
22,000yen (tax included)

large approx. 210cm×145cm
39,600yen (tax included)

The making of wool blanket was made possible by the collaboration of MARUNAKA Co., Ltd and FUJI SEIJU Co., Ltd.