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minä perhonen × Nathalie Lété『Animal dolls』“POMPON”

In 2021, “POMPON”, a rabbit animal dolls, was created in collaboration with Nathalie Lété. “POMPON” named after its round tail, was based on a prototype created by Nathalie during her stay at the country house. It comes in six different colors of rabbit with minä perhonen textiles.

The first encounter with Nathalie was in 2016, at minä perhonen showroom in Paris. We knew each other's activities before then, so it was a pleasure to finally meet in person.

Afterwards, we visited her atelier in Paris and discussed what kind of collaboration would be best for us. We were so inspired by her talent for bringing the best in each material and creating a piece that is uniquely original, as we saw in her paintings, potteries, rugs and other objects.


A photo taken at Nathalie’s atelier. It was like a found treasure box filled with many exciting art pieces and that was where all her beautiful work was created.


In 2017, we released our first collaboration of animal dolls in Bambi series called “Petit” and “Robusto” using minä perhonen textiles. Every doll had slightly different expression with a hand-embroidered quality and quickly became a lovable friend that stayed side by side.

It was also the same time as the publication of Nathalie's book “IN THE GARDEN OF MY DREAMS”and the story book “BAMBI THE CHEVREUIL” that Nathalie Lete’s illustration and Felix Salten’s text.
We organized an event at minä perhonen’s store materiaali where Nathalie and Minagawa shared about the book, collaboration and drew pictures together on the inside cover. It was a special moment to mark the first page of the chapter.


For the latest “POMPON” series, we sent some new textiles that we hoped Nathalie will like and enjoy creating. Soon afterwards, Nathalie sent us pictures of the sample that she made and we started discussing about the combination of textiles and different color scheme of rabbits.


A friendly and whimsical rabbits with each eyes and mouth hand-embroidered with thick thread, a whiskers using shiny yarns and eyelashes using distinctive colors. We are glad to know that the pure and gentle charm when we first saw the prototype is still present in the eyes of these rabbit. Also enjoy different characters within various minä perhonen’s textiles, such as “land puzzle”, “sand flower”, “biscuits”, “ballade”, “fogland”, “yume”, “singing merrily” and more.


message from Nathalie Lété
“I was very happy to create new Animal dolls for minä perhonen this season. The process of collaboration with them is always an exciting one. It is my pleasure to receive a box of all their beautiful collection of fabrics, and to touch and feel them. Then I chose my own combinations of fabrics and colors that inspire me to create new shapes for Animal dolls.
I consider these dolls as decorative toys for your home. Comfortable as a little cushion but also a stuffed animal that reminds you of your childhood. You can place them on your sofa or on your bed, and share them with your kids.
These new Animal dolls are to share with your whole family, as precious friends.”

Nathalie Lété

message from Minagawa
“I feel that everything Nathalie draws, creates and talks about is Nathalie herself.
Her imagination and the pieces she creates reflect the passage through Nathalie’s sensibility and become a unique world. She spins her creative talents and gently weave her imagination with her hands to make a beautiful fabric of her own.
All her work is filled with charm and humor of Nathalie Lété.”

Akira Minagawa

Profile of Nathalie Lété
Nathalie Lété was born in 1964. She currently lives and works in Paris.
Her world is nurtured by various medium and folk art from her parent’s origin, her Chinese father and her German mother.
Many of her inspiration come from her travels, vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. She works with different techniques, mediums, collages, illustration, ceramics, textile and painting. she also collaborates with different brands in fashion and decoration all over the world.

“Animal dolls - POMPON”
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『Animal dolls』“POMPON” Photo by Hua Wang
POMPON prototype sample Photo by Nathalie Lété