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care for leather items

We hope you will enjoy the time with minä perhonen leather items for a long time in your daily life. To ensure the time, we would like to introduce some care methods when using the items.


Before First Use
For leather items such as cowhide (except enamel), suede, nubuck, and sheep, it is recommended to apply a waterproofing spray before the very first use to protect the leather from moisture such as sweat, rain and so on.
Apply waterproof spray, usable for leather, to the entire surface of the item.
As for the distance between the leather item and waterproof spray, maintain distance specified by each waterproof spray manufacturer.
It is more effective to spray the waterproof spray again, repeating the same process after drying.

It is recommended to test the waterproof spray on a discreet spot.

*If you touch the leather surface before the waterproofing spray dries, it may leave hand marks.
In case this happens, it is recommended to wipe off the waterproofing agent with a dry cloth and to apply it again.

*The information above are the general instructions for using waterproofing sprays. Be sure to follow the individual instructions of the spray to be used.


Daily Maintenance
Here is a guide for taking care of items, such as leather bags, shoes and belts.
By brushing off dirt with a soft brush and wiping the leather dry with a soft cloth after each use, the natural beautiful look of the leather will be maintained.


Brush off dust and dirt from the items.


Wipe dry with a soft cloth to clean the leather item.

Of course, it is dependent on the frequency of use, but it is recommended to apply waterproof spray regularly, at the end of each maintenance cleaning.
When storing (leather items), it is recommended to keep them in a breathing material bag. Stuff them with paper inside to adjust the shape and prevent them from losing shape.
Please store items in a place with good ventilation and no exposure to direct sunlight, avoiding humidity and high temperatures.

photograph: Hua Wang

If you have any other recommended care methods, please let us know.