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hand washing

Dry cleaning is recommended as one of the ways to keep the condition of your purchased item as much as possible. Since it increases the longevity of your minä perhonen items, we would like to guide you through on how to wash them at home.

This hand washing method is for items, such as single-ply, cotton, linen, ramie material (unlined), plain or printed (dyed or pigmented) woven clothes, jersey items, “neutraali” items with handwash signs on wash tags, and the “laundry line” items.

*Dry clean the following items:Wool materials, special prints (other than dye and pigment prints), embroidery, jacquard weaving, nap and pile fabrics.

*Since shrinkage and material texture change may occur, among silk materials, only wash those with handwash signs on wash tags.
In such case, follow the care instructions on individual products.

*Depending on the washing method at home, there may be slight changes in size, texture and color.
We recommend washing our dark-colored items separately from the other items.
Leaving the item wet may cause color transfer, so please dehydrate and dry the item as soon as possible after washing.

*Do not rub the item too hard during washing, as it may cause the color to fade or damage the fabric.


Prepare lukewarm water that is around 30℃ (86℉) to soak the garments thoroughly. Rather than using cold water, it is highly recommended to use lukewarm water that is around 30℃ (86℉) since it enables stains to come off easier. Add neutral detergent or detergent for washing delicate clothes and dissolve it well.


If there are any stains on the surface, leave the front side out. If not, place the item inside out and wash.In order to remove unnecessary sweat or stains, repeat handwashing with the palm of your hands, by pushing the garment up and down in the water. (approximately for 3-5 to minutes)


Prepare clean lukewarm water that is around 30℃ (86℉), and wash the garments repeatedly, pressing with the palm of the hands to remove the detergent thoroughly.
If you want to use softeners, add it after the second rinse.


Spread out a towel and place the rinsed garments on top of it. Roll them up in the towel from the edge, and press lightly to transfer the moisture in the items, to the towel. When pressing the towel, make sure not to damage the garments inside, while removing excess water. Be sure not to twist the towel.


After dehydrating, shape the garments and hang them in the shade with the back side to the front. Choose a shade with good ventilation. When drying, choose hangers that match the shape of the clothes well, align the shoulder line with the hanger, and gently shape the entire garment by hand to avoid wrinkles.


For stretch materials (knit, cut and sew etc.), it is recommended to lay them flat to dry.

*Drying on a hanger from a moist state will prevent wrinkles. If there are any bothersome wrinkles, steam after drying or iron or iron.

*When ironing or steam-drying, check the laundry tag carefully and follow the instructions.

photograph: Hua Wang

If you have any other recommended care methods, please let us know.