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2022-2023 Autumn / Winter Collection Dream Forest

swing camellia
swing camellia, rosée, land puzzle
swing camellia, portaat
swing camellia
forest diamond, portaat
flower quilt
northern flower
tori bag
wind forest, bocciolo, square shadow
forest village
forest village
fog night, land puzzle
water sound, fog night, land puzzle
swing camellia
tappeto, lehti
winter travel
lehti, fog night, land puzzle
forester check
tambourine, chat, flower quilt
sammalta, nuoli, forester check
water light

photograph: Hua Wang
hair and make-up: Taeko Kusaba
model: Julia Shortreed

forest diamond, choucho
forest diamond
choucho, näky
choucho, pöllöt
choucho, pöllöt
forest diamond, näky
forest diamond, näky, dream hunter
koira, dream hunter
water light, choucho
pöllöt, duo
choucho, pöllöt, näky
forest village, duo
forest village, näky
forest parade
tambourine, choucho, tree night
choucho, duo
pöllöt, choucho, duo, coniglio
pöllöt, choucho, duo
choucho, chaleur, duo, coniglio
choucho, chaleur

photograph: Mie Morimoto
hair and make-up: Risako Yamamoto
thanks to chamny


music & model: Julia Shortreed
hair and make-up: Taeko Kusaba
videograph: Hikaru Fujii

23 s/s
22 s/s