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happening drawing process

happening drawing progress

「Blue Monkey Planet」
When I was in front of the canvas in the morning, a scene of a group of different monkeys getting together appeared in my head.
Various species of monkeys that have lived in different groups are getting together in mysterious and imperfect shapes.
These monkeys choose to live together, trying to find peace in this common world, sharing their own imperfections.
I kept drawing this fantasy that suddenly came to me, even though I was not able to organize or give harmony to that vision.
Without knowing whether there is an end to this image,
I felt as if the colors and shapes came out from somewhere, and felt like watching it from afar while I was drawing alone.
This drawing will never be finished.
Where is it headed to... My mind was chaotic and could not grasp it so here it is.
My hands moved recklessly describing beauty and harmony.
I had no idea what was going to happen beyond beauty and harmony.
I feel as if this drawing is the beginning of a journey to the depth of my spirit.
It was also a new discovery to me that I recognized, feeling joy with a little of despair, that the way of life was an illusion.
I regret that I can only show you the beginning of this picture at the moment.
However, I might be able to get some inspiration for this continuation along with the process of my future creation for minä perhonen.
I will continue to move forward in the light of your encouragement and expectation.
What can I do with my creation to connect our world of humans living and whole beings apart from ourselves and coexist together.
I want to continue asking these never-ending questions to myself.

Akira Minagawa

happening drawing process

Production: itabashi + hironori