what is minä perhonen?

minä perhonen is a fashion brand working to produce clothes which do not lose their allure through lapse of time. The design process begins with sketches, which are made into their original fabrics. Also, they aspire to develop new materials and techniques with production centers of home and abroad. The name of the brand originates in Finnish as the designer sympathized with the lifestyle and the culture of FINLAND; he has traveled many times through northern European countries. "minä" means "I" and "perhonen" is "butterfly," with a wish to make many beautiful designs like those of butterflies' wings. The brand logo signifies "various characters (dots) within oneself (rectangle shape)." Just like the species of butterflies are countless, the designs too continue to increase.

brand history

Started the fashion brand "minä."
Opened the first shop in Shirokanedai, Tokyo.
Held the first exhibition "Ryushi (particles)" at Spiral Garden, Tokyo.
Renamed the brand name to "minä perhonen."
With a collaboration between Fritz Hansen, presented furniture dressed with minä perhonen fabrics.
Presented furniture originally designed by minä perhonen.
Started to present collections in Paris.
Designer Akira Minagawa awarded Grand Prix of "Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix" hosted by The Mainichi Newspapers.
Danish textile manufacturer kvadrat released fabrics designed by Akira Minagawa.
Opened the 2nd shop in Kyoto.
Introduces "minä perhonen Laundry," clothes that can be washed at home.
Introduces original ceramics collection.
3rd shop opens in Kyoto: minä perhonen arkistot.
Designs uniforms for Aomori Museum of Art.
Liberty Art Fabrics 2010 autumn/winter collection, which includes three of Akira Minagawa's designs, goes public.
Solo exhibition "minä perhonen — fashion & design," Audax Textielmuseum Tilburg, the Netherlands.
4th shop, minä perhonen piece, opened in Kyoto. Consecutively, minä perhonen arkistot and minä perhonen piece, opened in Tokyo.
Solo exhibition "minä perhonen The future from the past," Design Gallery, 21 century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Ishikawa.
Solo exhibition "minä perhonen in progress," Spiral Garden, Tokyo.