At Hayama Fukushi Bunka Kaikan in Kanagawa,
there will be an event SHOBU GAKUEN ‘Talks + Listening’,
and minä perhonen’s chief designer Akira Minagawa will be participating for the 1st part.

The theme of ‘ talks about SHOBU GAKUEN and nui project’, hosted by an architect Yoshifumi Mr.Nakamura
who welcomes SHOBU GAKUEN director Mr.Hukumori Shin, and talks
about projects and activities for the craft works
For the 2nd part, there will be a performance by percussion group,
otto&orabu organized by the users and staff of the SHOBU GAKUEN in 2001.

DATE:Saturday, May 5th

   14:00〜16:00(Open 13:30)

AT:Hayama Fukushi Bunka Kaitan
  2220 Horiuchi Hayama-cho Miuragun

Admission: 3500YEN (on the day: 3800YEN)

For the ticket, please email at: info@krama100.com
under the subject RESERVATION SHOBU with name, number of tickets, address and phone number.

For more information, please check the website here.