minä perhonen is participating ‘Japan Senses’ which has been taken place at Isetan Shinjuku from March 28th with the aim to send out the charm that Japan offers.
For a week from April 11th, at Isetan Shinjuku 4th floor, ‘Re-Style’, archive items from the past collection to current 12SS season together with image movies will be exhibited.

Date: Wednesday, April 11th to Tuesday, 17th.
At: Isetan Shinjuku 4th floor ‘Re-Style’

We also made special items for this exhibition. The egg bag made since 1997 is become bigger as you can carry it over the shoulder named ‘humpty dumpty’.
It will be available in four patterns in bouncy、oasis、daisy、sonata.
For more information about “Japan Senses”, please check here
We hope that you can visit Isetan Shinjuku this time.