Our Kyoto store had its 5th anniversary on February 10th.
With our appreiciation for your visit always,
we made special items to welcome you for the occasion.
There will be Yukata, Tenugui available for Kyoto summer.
The obi, the collaboration with Hinaya will be introduced as well.

Yukata ¥42,000 + tax
-sonata / blue
-before / blue mix
-run run run / blue
-prism / yellow mix
-daisy / blue

Tenugui ¥1,200 + tax
-letter of flower / navy
-run run run / blue
-prism / yellow mix
-sonata / blue
-daisy / blue
-jelly beans / mix
-rain chukka / blue

There will be dresses and skirts of rain chukka and papillon too.

-rain chukka 
dress  blue ¥42,000 + tax
tunic dress blue ¥36,000 + tax
corsage blue ¥10,000 + tax

dress gray / green ¥52,000 + tax
skirt gray / green ¥38,000 + tax

-usa bag
beige / light blue / yellow / navy ¥18,000 + tax
black&white dapple(leather) ¥38,000 + tax

Above items will be available from Saturday, April 14th,
and we will open at 11am, an hour earlier than usual.
We may give out numbered tickets for the entrance
if it gets overcrowded and appreciate your understanding.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you and
sharing the time looking back those years.