There was a lot of snow the other day this week
in Shirokanedai, and it left little piles here and there near our shop.
At the same time, we can feel the warm season approaching
by the bright sun melting the chilly air and snow.
Our collection of 2012 spring/summer is starting little by little
from February 4th at minä perhonen Shirokanedai and Kyoto.

Under the theme of ‘Towards the hut of forest and wind’,
the collection expresses the fresh scene of
wind bringing the invigorating scent of forest,
sparkling trees lit by the sun, and so on.

For who purchased more than 10,000YEN at
minä perhonen Shirokanedai, Kyoto and metsä
from February 4th, the image movie of DVD
for 2012 spring/summer collection will be given out.
(Limited numbers available.)

We are very much looking forward to
sharing the new season with you.