There was an event in June 2009 at THE STAGE of the 1st floor,
Shinjuku ISETAN, ‘ Ame no uchi soto’, and our raincoats and
some items listed below were sold then also in both
minä perhonen Shirokanedai and Kyoto.
We found that the incorrect care labels were attached to
these which are made with the same material.

They are polyvinyl chloride coated, and our care label says
it is OK to dry-cleaning according to the instruction
from the factory in charge of the coating work.
Although, it was found out that the dry-cleaning liquid hardens
the material.

We are deeply sorry for those who purchased these items
and for this mistake.
If you have these items harden by dry-claning,
please kindly contact us at:
information desk
TEL: 03-5793-7635
EMAIL: info@mina-perhonen.jp

rain coat:
na6217 choucho
na6218 sunny rain
na6219 hanaco

na9754 choucho
na9755 sunny rain
na9756 hanaco
na9757 oasis
na9762 choucho
na9763 sunny rain
na9764 hanaco
na9765 oasis
na9766 noppara
na9767 bird

na7082 sunny rain
na7083 oasis
na7069 choucho

For the care, please wipe the stein with cloth
and do not dry-clean or wash them.
We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and
make sure to check the care labels more strictly.

Mina Co.,Ltd.