Thank you so much for everything this year.
Our last day of the year 2011 is today on the 28th December.

Next time we see you will be in 2012,
and we are looking forward to it with some special items.
They will be showcased from January 7th at minä perhonen Shirokanedai and Kyoto.

coat beige / navy
¥84,000 + tax
dress beige / navy
¥52,000 + tax
skirt beige / navy
¥38,000 + tax
‘pacific’ - fish flowing through the waves -
with scallop hemline.

coat yellow / blue
¥84,000 + tax
dress yellow / blue
¥64,000 + tax
The velvet jacquard ’chorus’ of two colorways ,
the blue of clear cold winter air and the brilliant yellow.

coat pink / beige
¥74,000 + tax
dress pink / beige
¥48,000 + tax
blouse pink / beige
¥32,000 + tax
Brought out in 2004, ‘sticky’ shows new impression with soft colorways.

dress white / light blue
¥45,000 + tax
skirt white / light blue
¥32,000 + tax
The birds getting together drawn in the linen fabric.
The wrap dress with ribbon and the apron-like wrap skirt.

dress green / navy
¥44,000 + tax
skirt green / navy
¥32,000 + tax
Deeply colored ‘tambourine’ fabric with ‘choucho’ embroidery
become dress and skirt.

cardigan light gray / blue
¥36,000 + tax
Came out in autumn/winter 2007,
‘odyssey’ this time is made with cotton for spring.

In addition to these egg bags of ‘pacific’ and ‘tambourinecho’
and mini bags of ‘sticky’ also ‘pacific’,
there will be a new bag like French pastry called ‘canelé’ also available this time.

canelé bag
yellow / blue
¥23,000 + tax

egg bag
-pacific- beige / navy
-tambourinecho- green / navy
¥11,000 + tax

mini bag
-pacific- beige / navy
-sticky- pink / beige
¥4,000 + tax

Both stores will open an hour earlier than usual at 11am on January 7th.
When it gets overcrowding, there will be number ticket to be given for the entrance time
or/and for the service in the store.
We try our best not to inconvenience you and appreciate your kind understanding.
We are very much forward to welcoming you in the coming year.



Celebrating the book ,minä perhonen ?, published last spring
from BNN, INC., the talk event will be held with minä perhonen's
chief designer Akira Minagawa at the book store, Maruzen Hakata in Fukuoka.

date: Friday, January 13th
open 17:30
from 18:00 to 19:00
at: JR Hakata City 9th floor JR Kyusyu Hall
capacity: 80
entrance fee: 1000 yen
*The ticket will available at Maruzen Hakata service counter.

For reservation and inquiry, please contact
Marzen Hakata 090-413-5401



The hand-embellished, one-of-a-kind jeans are
available for preorders of 10 pairs from Friday, January 6st at piece, tokyo.
The prices vary as follows depends on the volume of patchworks:

¥42,000 + tax
¥45,000 + tax
¥50,000 + tax

You can choose the style and color of the jeans at piece, tokyo.
The staff will hand-embellish the pair with patchworks of the textiles
and its layout by your request.
We look forward to making one for you at piece, tokyo!



For four days from this Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th, December,
at minä perhonen Shirokanedai and Kyoto,
we will welcome you with a fresh drink.
It would be wonderful if it would add some more enjoyment.
We look forward to seeing you.



This year is almost coming to the end,
and New Year will be ready to start soon.
We are grateful for your support and love in this year 2011.

There was the Great East Japan Earthquake
and the nuclear accident that followed;
this was the year where all of us who live in Japan
have faced the difficult time that we have to get through.

In our living continuously keeping an eye on disaster,
we aim to work on the designs that will give delight and joy.

With our warmest thoughts,
we wish you great health for the New Year.

The last day of our shops this year is Wednesday, December 28th,
and it will open from Friday, January 6th in the New Year.

On Monday, December 26th,
minä perhonen shirokanedai, arkistot Tokyo, piece, Kyoto,
and information desk are open as well regardless of their usual business hours.

The order received after December 26th will be shipped
from January 6th accordingly.

Thank you.



Starting December, exciting feeing is defiantly there
in these busy end-year days.

At arkistot Tokyo and arkistot Kyoto,
there will be festive items suitable for the winter outing
showcased from December 9th.

The moon peeping through the trees and leaves - ‘coppice’,

Smooth fine quality - ‘pianissimo ’dress,

A coat of ‘carnival’, the birds of joy,

Items that uplift the feeling of the winter outing
will all get together.

Please stop by at arkistot this time.



Situated in Hiyagon, Okinawa, the gallery space Shoka:
showcasing the simple and beautiful things that enrich everyday life
will present minä perhonen as a very first time in Okinawa.

Date: Friday, December 16th to Sunday, 25th
   12:30 - 19:00
At: Shoka:
  6-13-6 Hiyagon Okinawa-City, Okinawa

Women's wears, bags, accessories together with children's wears
and tableware of our collections will be showcased also will be for sale.

Please visit and enjoy the warm breezed winter of Shoka:.